Tuesday, February 20, 2007

MUGABE. OLLP. (P. for Pathetic)

Mugabe pledges not to step down
By Peter Biles
BBC News, Johannesburg
Robert Mugabe
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Robert Mugabe


2nd President of Zimbabwe
Assumed office
December 31, 1987
Preceded by Canaan Banana
Succeeded by Incumbent


Born February 21, 1924 (age 83)
Kutama Mission, Harare
Political party Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front
Robert Gabriel Mugabe KCB (born February 21, 1924) is a Zimbabwean politician

Robert Mugabe admitted the standard of living had declined
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has repeated in an interview on state television that he has no intention of stepping down.
In the interview ahead of his 83rd birthday on Wednesday, Mr Mugabe made a veiled criticism of colleagues.

Some in government have become involved in a fierce debate about when he will retire and who should replace him.

Mr Mugabe, who retains an iron grip after nearly 27 years in power, said they were resorting to nonsense.

Struggle for survival

In the rambling hour-long television interview, Mr Mugabe said there would come a day when he would go but at the moment there were no vacancies.

People could talk about the process of succession, he said, but not with a view to pushing him out of office now.

And he had some sharp words for those who may be in the running to succeed him.

President Mugabe said there were high-ranking, ambitious people who were looking at themselves. They were resorting to all kinds of nonsense, he said.

Asked about Zimbabwe's deepening economic crisis, Mr Mugabe denied that the economy was sinking, though he admitted that there was a decline in the standard of living.

Last week the annual rate of inflation shot up to nearly 1,600%.

His comments are unlikely to offer much comfort to ordinary people whose daily lives have become a struggle for survival.

Clouds gather ahead of Mugabe's birthday
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe turns 83 on Wednesday, fit for his age and combative in the face of a crumbling economy, social unrest and a looming battle over who will succeed him. Mugabe will celebrate his birthday with a huge party on Saturday. But gathering clouds risk overshadowing the festivities.We have had enough
opposition vows to press on with rallies
Mugabe's endgame

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