Monday, March 09, 2009

Will Google Uphold its "Do No Evil" Motto With Muziic?

An interesting development,

Muziic_logo_mar_09.jpgGoing beyond traditional media players, teen developer David Nelson has created Muziic Player, an application that harnesses the power of YouTube to offer music lovers around the globe access to the world's largest searchable database of songs.

Self described as "a free and legal" application, Muziic lets you stream music from YouTube without ever again having to visit the site. And therein lies the rub. Could this legal application be seen as not so legal by Google?

"It's really the first 100% free, legal method for listening to digital music," said 15-year-old Nelson in a press release. "Typically, free music services are not completely legal; on the other hand, legal music services are not usually free," he said.


While the artists may get their royalties, sidestepping YouTube and the ads the company has been carefully positioning on the site over the past year may not exactly please the search giant, as Greg Sandoval, over on CNET pointed out yesterday.

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